Private Schools are not Elitist

There are plenty of myths about private schools and these myths are usually founded on the picture of these schools in the past. There were private schools that were specifically created to serve the needs of people of a certain color, race or economic ability. This picture has persisted in some people’s minds but the truth is that there have been major changes that make this perception wrong.

The days of elitism and exclusion in schools are long gone. Today, private schools are so diverse that you’ll find children of all colors and races attending schools that in the past could only accommodate one race. The need for inclusion has not only been appreciated by the owners of private schools but is actually continuously emphasized.

Catholic schools in the US are extremely diverse. Almost 20% of the children attending these schools come from minority groups with Latinos accounting for 15% of the population and African Americans accounting for 8%.

In addition, more than 15% of the students attending Catholic schools are not Catholic. The teaching staff is equally diverse and Catholic teachers account for less than 4% of the entire teaching staff.

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