Good for Athletic Children

The funding available for public schools does not enable them to adequately finance their sports programs with the consequence that athletic programs in these schools are never comprehensive enough. Should a child with special athletic abilities end up in such a school, the child’s full potential will never be realized.

In private schools, athletic programs receive as much weight as the academic ones and the facilities available in these schools guarantee that the athletic child’s abilities will be fully exploited.

If you want to help your child grow with some religious beliefs, public schools might not work as they are not mandated to inculcate any religious beliefs. If you are Catholic, for example, and want your child to grow up Catholic, the ideal school for such a child would be a Catholic school. Attending such a school will mean that your child not only excels academically but also learns the Christian things that are important such as praying, reading the Bible and developing a Christian character.

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