Cost of Attending A Private School

The people who believe that private schools are elitist think that these schools only admit the children of the wealthy. This again is a misconception based on the history of private schools in the past. Attending private school today is affordable for most people. Even the most expensive schools provide scholarships to enable kids from financially challenged families to enroll.

Cost of attending Catholic school
According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the mean cost of attending Catholic school is $5, 847 while the national average per pupil is over $12,000. Moreover, 45% of American Catholic schools participate in Federal Nutrition Programs and each day they give out close to 300,000 free meals to children.

Owners of private schools are determined to shed the elitist label that some people have given them. While some private schools (especially boarding ones) have remained quite expensive, there are others charge nothing. Such schools depend on the generosity of many benefactors who make donations that go to help children from low income families acquire their dream education.

The exclusion and elitism that marked private schools is a thing of the past. Looking forward, things will keep getting better and no child will fail to attend private school because of lack of money.

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